Ground Rules

There are so many things in my life, which I want to do more often if not regularly. Blogging is one of these activities which I find really interesting for two reasons.

  1. It helps you grow as individual; because it’s very easy to convey your thoughts, ideas to anybody while we are talking to them (readers). But if you are asked to express yourself by writing something you like, or asked for the opinion it’s a different ball game altogether. To articulate your story in a way; which will have profound effects on your readers life can be a great power. But with great power comes the great responsibilities. This sense of responsibility is the driving force which can be channeled to improve you as an individual.
  1. Freedom of speech is the concept of the fundamental human right to voice one’s opinion publicly without fear of his religion, caste or social status. I very specifically said opinions and not racial comments, promoting radicalization or advocating conspiracies in the society. Motto should be “Live and let live”.

This blog will specifically discuss the things “Game, We Love”. This blog doesn’t endorse any claims about the players, teams, nations or the people. All the articles, posts, satirical comments are not intended to cause any discomfort to a specific religion, community.

Cricketing Sense is a blog and discussion satire web publication, which may or may not use real names, often in semi-real or mostly fictitious ways. All news articles contained within Cricketing Sense are fiction, and presumably fake news. Any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental, except for all references to politicians and/or celebrities, in which case they are based on real people, but still based almost entirely in fiction.

Cricketing Sense is intended for a mature, sophisticated, and discerning audience.



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