Should you celebrate your victory or your opponent’s defeat:

As they say, there is nothing fair in love and war. The sports of the modern time are actually growing in the leaps and bounds. Cricket is one of the major sports which dominate the sporting arena. It is quite a sport which sets up new rivalries and has taken the cricketing contest to unparalleled heights. Also, the players who are playing in front of the partisan crowd stand up on the occasion and shun the crowd and their opponents (Remember what Virat Kohli said after the Asia Cup final).

If you look at recent T20 slug fest which was inaugurated after the Asia Cup and went on to the final of T20 world cup, we witnessed some of the nail-biting contest.

There were plenty of matches and with the sheer will of winning matches all players tried to give their best effort. With the best effort, I mean that you are not giving up and letting the opponent win a match easily. At times there will be victory and other times defeat is the only thing left on the table.

Sometime ago a K-1 heavy weight kick boxer was asked how he prepares himself for big fights. How he maintains his will and zeal to ferociously knockout another fighter. According to him, he wants to feel that his opponent is a bad boy on the block, starts hating the dog his opponent has, hates his wife, hates the car he drives & so on. Idea was just hate everything about your opponent so that he can get in to a zone to deliver a knockout blow. This is about convincing & believing that you are doing the right thing; your opponent is a bully. Teaching a bully a thing or two about bullying is not a bad thing. Kick-Boxing, MMA or Boxing are potentially very dangerous sport for the fighter who is losing the bout.

Cricket as a sport is much less brutal than that of K1 kick boxing. But then there are odd instances where cricket players or cricket legend loose the plot in an unforgettable way. For example, Shane Warne losing his composure while lamenting about how Marlon Samuel got out in the Semi-Final against India. Challenging a poster boy can be troublesome with shortage of brain as Michael Nicholas put it. But there was another one when a third grade T20 player like one in our neighborhood celebrated India’s loss rather than celebrating West Indies triumph over India.

I am sorry to say whoever you think you are, first you should concentrate on your cricket. The so called glamorous shot is not that important as it is to win a cricket match. Second celebrating before you cross the winning line is an epitome of minnows and you proved every word of it, so start winning before you start celebrating. The number of overall T20 runs Virat scored this cricketing season your whole cricketing team cannot score more runs than Virat Kohli. So shut up two by two and work hard on your game. Work hard on scoring two runs from four balls and not losing three wickets. Lamenting on a nation in such a ludicrous way is as shameful as it is disgraceful. So, grow up.

Until then don’t forget the embarrassment you brought to Bangladesh at Bengaluru. May be BanglaDeshi fan will never forgive you for showing you are quite short on brains and having a big loud mouth of yours.