Part 2: Thrashing Bangladeshi toyger (cat) at their own backyard

I would like to start this article by repeating what MSD said when he was asked about how big a win this was. Dhoni said : “India had to put a lot of things at stake, when you win the title it’s hardly any accomplishment for us.” We are told that you won against Bangladesh. If you look at the current Bangladesh, they have been the strongest side Bangladesh has ever produced.

After scoring the 120, Bangladesh believed that they have scored above par score. They forgot one thing – Indian Batting is in sublime form, especially in T20. India whitewashed Australia in Australia. You could win a match against Australia but whitewashing them in their own den is unheard of. Indians achieved that victory with relatively ease; When you have top six batsmen firing in every match, It’s hard to curtail the thrust your team can produce. Bangladesh should have understood that when they played the first Asia cup match against India.

There is no denying that after sending Shikhar, Virat and Suresh back to pavilion; Bangladeesh were in cruise control. We saw Yuvraj struggling to time the ball and failing to accelerate the inning. After Yuvraj got out; Pandya walked in. Taskin was bowling to Rohit and Shakib dropped a simple catch at point. At this point everyone was thinking if India can score close to 130, the Indian bowling attack is quite sharp and they can defend a moderate score. Indian went on to score 160 runs.

Asia cup final started with so much hype; The Bangla newspaper started mocking the Indian team. The Bangladeshi has a bigoted media; everyone remember how they demeaned Team India when India lost the first bi-lateral series against them. Ravi Shastri explained what he said to the team before the match, “It’s a big game, go out there and enjoy yourself. Also remember how Bangladesh celebrated last time when they won the bilateral series against us. The crowd will be behind the Bangladesh Team, go out there and play positive cricket. ”

To add fury to the contest, A Bangladeshi fan doctored a photo of MSD severed head in the Taskin’s hand. The whole country was paranoid by stupid meme and served as motivation for team India. After Rohit Sharma was caught in the slip cordon, Virat Kohli along with Shikhar Dhawan took on the Bangladeshi bowlers. Bangladesh tried using a left arm seam bowler as a trump card. But when Dhawan and Kohli are in song, they could easily decimate the best fast bowling attack of the world. Bangladesh fast bowlers presented no challenge to team India.

Dhawan and Kohli had a partnership of 94 runs which took the match away from Bangla cats. Bangladesh biggest partnership was of 45 between Mahmudullah and Sabir Rahman. The second biggest partnership for the Bangla cats were 34 runs between Sabir and Shakib. If you add these two partnership score 45+34 = 79 was way behind India’s largest partnership of the match. After scoring a brisk fifty, Dhawan was caught at the point while trying to play his favourite cut shot.

MSD Blitzkrieg:

After Dhawan departure MSD blitzkrieg was evident. We all agree that MSD has surprised us every time India has played the crucial finals. 2011, We saw Dhoni coming up the order and finishing the game in style. In 2014, giving the ball to Ishant Sharma who was the most expensive bowler of the lot. On the first delivery Ishant was hit for a six; proving Dhoni’s decision may derail any chances India had of winning the Champions Trophy. We all know, how India won the match just because, Dhoni’s move was a masterstroke.

For helping India win Asia Cup final was one thing, but intimidating forty thousand eleven people in just six balls was a stuff of legend. Bangladeshi media annoyed every Indian(me included) when they mocked team India by composing a distasteful photo of Indian Team. Then there was another photo in which Dhoni severed head in Taskin hand went viral. MSD took it personally and was very much ready to return the favour and give it back to the Bangla Cat’s and their opinionated fans.

It was not the cool and calm Dhoni we all know. The menacing, browbeating MSD was in full flair and finished the match in a style, tormenting the Bangla Cats.

Moral of the story is: Don’t MS with Dhoni.