Star Sports Advertising is so naive

I have been watching Star Sports for quite a while, the onus belongs to team India.  Cricket World Cup was exclusively covered by Star Sports.  I have to say they are doing a great job but their advertisements are blowing out of proportion.  Last year who can forget the Mauka-Mauka which mocked many of our neighbours.

Before our neighbors could heal from the unnecessary tormenting, Another campaign was released to promote Ind vs Ban ODI series.  The cliché of ‘Bache bache nahin rahe’, was preposterous and demonizing.  You cannot make the same mistake and get away with it.

That’s exactly what happened,  India lost the ODI series. After loosing the ODI series Bangladesh media caricatured Team India.  As belligerent as it may sound it was Star Sports who started taunting and to certain extent went on to reap the benefits.  Eventually this fueled the aggression and intimidation of Bangladeshi players against Team India.

Lot of things were said about Bangladesh cricket team, but nobody took the time to find the root cause. It was Star Sports who exploited the situation for their own benefits, to get bloated TRP. When you allow a broadcaster to instigate your opponents then your opponent also deserves a fair chance to return the favour. BCCI has been too busy counting the money, which is a good thing at least PCB can understand why BCCI is so wealthy but you have to keep a tap on the broadcaster because the broadcaster doesn’t represent Team India or people of India.

As they say, “If you want to annoy your neighbors, tell the truth about them”.

Pakistan has launched its own breed of IPL and they want their league to do well. When the time is right they will not allow Indian players to participate in their league. I think it is a brilliant and tempting idea to say the least. The claims are as viable as Injamam Ul Haq beating Usain Bolt in a sprint competition.

The neighbors will always be neighbors.