The crown jewel of Indian Cricket

It has been a very successful story for this batsman. He started his career as a batsman, his success can be attributed to the “Mother Of All Cricketing Leagues” Indian Premier League. Because when people saw him bat, they could see the calmness in his eyes, impeccable timing and craving to score big runs.

In the last 23 test matches, he can be recognized as one of the successful batsman if not the most successful batsman in Indian team. Indian batsman are always critical of the matches played outside the Indian Subcontinent. In recent years we have seen a score of Indian batsman who were dominating the opposition bowlers in India. But when they were outside Indian subcontinent it was a sobbing story, over and over again.

Virat Koihli who was admired as “The Run Machine” before the India’s tour of England. The conditions were alien to the stylish right handed batsman. By the time the Test Series was over; his new avatar was “The Poking Machine”. But then he scored a brilliant hundred in South Africa, another hundred in New Zealand and four hundreds against Australia. Generally speaking our batsmen were no match to the host bowlers. The bowlers could use the pace, bounce could intimidate the batsmen at will.

Rohit Sharma, Sikhar Dhawan, Cheteshwar Pujara, or even captain cool himself. People who managed some resistance were Murli Vijay, Virat Kohli. There was one batsman who was the rock-star of Indian batting, Ajinkya Rahane.

Rahane’s consistency and calm demeanor is a living embodiment of vitality. He has been recognized as batsman, who plays his cricket by the book. The cover drive, on-drive, paddle sweep, upper cut are few of the shots which articulate his craftsman spirit. He has scored runs consistently. Even though he always acted as a spare wheel of Indian Cricket team and his batting order would change more quickly than that of the Piers Morgan claims on banning a certain type of weapons in US.

This lad has been very calm, composed and coherent in his career. It’s just a beginning for him. I have to admit, at the time when we saw SRT concluding his 24 years long career; the whole nation felt the void. We all expected Pujara and Kohli to score lot runs, as these batsmen were seen as the superstars of Indian Cricket.

Suffice to say that Rahane was seen as a batsman who have to prove his mettle. Here we are after playing two seasons of Test Match Cricket and Kohli, Pujara, Dhawan did score runs(read: few runs) as we expected; but Ajinkay Rahane was the standout performer.

Ajinkay Rahane is the crown jewel of young Indian Cricket team.

I wish him all the luck.