BCCI – Biting more than you can chew

November 2, 2015. The other day, I was looking for my cricket-reading dose. I went through the editorial sniffing for something that could satisfy my cricket-reading urges.

Then came the moment of truth, when I started reading Sanjay Manjrekar’s Does Dhoni care about winning now?

This was indeed a very conservative way of looking at someone who has done so well in the last 10 years of Indian Cricket. I am not saying Dhoni is as good as he once was. He was very defensive during the SA tour but does that mean he is not good enough? Do we have someone who can replace the ‘Dhoni – The Player’? A blunt answer is ‘No’, we don’t have. We have seen Saha struggle in the test matches where you can prove your mettle. In the longer format you will get more time as compared to ODI for showcasing your cricketing abilities. So far we have not seen anything from him. To expect he can handle batting at the number five or six can prove too much for him. Also I don’t see why he should continue as a Wicket Keeper, if his performance will continue to disappoint? Then comes the question can you replace ‘Dhoni The Captain’. Can we do replace him right now? I don’t know; Virat has proved his batting prowess but can we say the same thing about his captaincy. I think it’s still premature. Virat has taken the charge in Test Matches; let him build his arsenal in the longer format; as India will play more and more tests under the reign of Virat; we could then see much broader sample data to evaluate how he is doing as a captain.

Hypocrisy is the biggest enemy of Pakistan and that of Indian Cricket. As treacherous terrorist groups are supported by Pakistan and its known potent intelligence agency ISI. ISI keeps bragging about what an extraordinary institute it has been; Indian Cricket critics will brag for the same rights on ‘What the current captain is doing wrong ?’or ‘What he use to do when he was successful ?’. The question we should rather ask is, “Does the critic has ever seen the similar situations? Has the critic seen someone who’s performance was transformed when he started following people advice?”. If we are seeing some changes in Dhoni’s approach, is that really a bad thing?

Everyone learns something new as abstract as knowing himself, knowing his enemy or knowing his weakness. As we groom our self it gets drawn in to our subconscious mind and eventually whatever decisions are taken; these skills will definitely have an influence on the end result. It’s incomprehensible to believe if we are seeing some changes they are as bad – as good once they used to be.

Major issues about the umpiring highlighted by the expert are BCCI’s problem rather than that of Dhoni. If BCCI had accepted the DRS technology as a facilitator to help umpires making accurate decisions, then that match could have been a different story.

Another thing I want to point out is that BCCI has been spending a lot of money for curating the bouncy pitches; As explained by elite BCCI officials the idea is to encourage Fast Bowlers.

I am not sure how much that had helped us but it definitely ensured that we have paralyzed our spinners production line. I don’t see anyone bowling 150+ in India and that being said we don’t have a spinner to match the caliber off R Ashwin. To me that sound like digging a well when your house catches fire. Now you may argue that, If we dig the well it can help us controlling the fire after we rebuild a new house & hope the new house will catch fire one day. My suggestion will be to have a sprinkler installed in your new house as that will be more affordable and efficient.

If you are trying to bite more than you can chew; stop right there as the results wouldn’t be as amusing as you may have hoped for.