Part 2: Response to MENSXP: (8 Reasons Why Virat Kohli Will Be An Average Captain For India)

4.The Flow Of The Game Easily Affects His Temperament

That has to be the lamest excuse of all the points the author has mentioned. I see it otherwise, His temperament easily affects the flow of the game. Once he decide to take on the bowlers, the momentum shifts toward the Team India.  The flow of the game has least impact on his temperament. For example: Take the World Cup semifinal which India lost to Australia. The game was on course, when India started chasing but then Dhawan threw his wicket. Virat walked in and he attempted a pull shot of Johnson’s short ball & got out. Cricketing critiques were cribbing about the shot selection. If that ball had gone out of stadium the same critiques would have been calling that a turning point of the match. We saw how Kohli dominated Australian bowling when he was on song during the test matches. He was able to do it because he had pulled & hooked the fast bowlers few times. It worked in India’s favor whereas in semifinal it went the Australian way. I didn’t see Kohli being bogged down when flow of the game was not favoring India. It’s one of the distinctive trait he posses, which separates him from contemporaries.

5.He is not as instinctive as Dhoni or as aggressive as Ganguly 

I thought the previous point was the lamest but I was wrong. To fulfill the precisest definition of lamest: this point sets a new record. Was Dhoni as aggressive as Ganguly ? No. Was Ganguly as tactical as Dhoni ? No. So, if they have nothing in common why Dhoni is recognized as a greatest captain of all time. Why Ganguly is remembered as someone who taught India to win outside the subcontinent ? The reason  is every individual is different and they have their pros and cons.  Rather than waiting and watching what will define Kohli, the author is prematurely drawing a conclusion, without any evidence whatsoever.

6. He is too self-obsessed to lead a team full of stars

Really, India team is full of stars. I hardly see Dhawan and Rohit as permanent fixture in the team. They have done well in the recent past but that doesn’t advocate their permanent place in the squad. The same is true for Kohli himself. If being self-obsessed means scoring hundreds and playing aggressive cricket; I don’t think BCCI will question him that much. Same happened when Dhoni took over the Indian captaincy from Ganguly. The skipper of a team should have the right to take preventive measure when someone is not listening/acting as prescribed by the management.

7. Time and again Kohli shows that he is vulnerable to pressure
Virat Kohli batting record should shut you up on that. While his ODI average is 45 +. His batting average while chasing gets sky-rocketed to 60+. Why the pressure of chasing is best suited for him; I think that is because of his awareness to evaluate the game better and not panic in the event of a crisis.

8. Virat doesn’t know how to keep a low profile and work in the background
I wish, if Virat was simultaneously working for an intelligence agency (CIA, RAW, KGB and so on) and as a cricketer. Because keeping a low profile is a must have for a clandestine operation; but for playing cricket not much so.