Two big bullies gearing up to prevail in a CWC2015  Semi Final -2

To face war and not flee is the honor of a man. One shouldn’t abdicate one’s responsibilities.

Australia and India will go head to head in the Cricket World Cup semifinal. It will be an ultra-hyped match of the tournament. Around 70% of the SCG tickets for the semifinal are owned by the Indian subcontinent supporters. When Australian Capitan was asked about it, He took the opportunity to call for Australian supporters & asked them to paint SCG gold with their Australian jerseys. That can certainly be seen as an aggressive move by AUS skipper.  Skipper doesn’t want to see his team playing against majority of Indian crowd. Even though Australian supporters are much more hostile as compared to anyone in the world. We all saw how Wahab was booed while they forgot the fact that Mitchell Starc and Shane Watson started it. Wahab just helped them taste their own recipe which was served to Wahab was batting in the first inning.

We all saw how Pakistan and South Africa felt about the fact that it was a home game for India at the MCG. Then there was another giant India has to contain, no matter what? If they don’t, they can forget about competing in the semifinal leave aside ‘winning it’. Steven Smith, has scored lots of runs this summer and India bowler looked ordinary if not minuscule. In a recent interview Steven Smith said “I didn’t feel out of form. I just felt like I was out of sync a little bit with a few of my movements. But that’s back, my swing’s back where I want it to be, so hopefully I can continue crunching India all around the park. I picked that up myself. He is a promising cricketer and self-analysis can be vital for anybody involved in any sport for that matter.

It’s very important for India to set the tone right from the very beginning. Reminding Aussies about how they were stopped in 2011 World Cup quarter final after the fact Ricky Ponting scored a beautiful hundred. At the time they had three fast bowlers who can clock 150 + km/h (Brett Lee, Shaun Tait & Mitchell Johnson). After winning three World Cups, It was India who stopped their World Cup campaign. How about scars of losing their quarter final to India. Eventually India became the World Champion.

It’s a good thing to have belief in your ability but it’s quite another to proclaim that you will continue crunching “any side” all around the park.  Australia has a very good team and they are the favorites, whereas India was in no place to defend their title when the World Cup started. Every cricket critique thought It was not the India who won the 2011 World Cup. But it’s a different story at the moment.

Hopefully both of the bullies can maintain their calm and composure and we will see a great cricket match. I hope India will come on top.