Pro’s and Con’s of Finny (The Cricketer)

If you are bamboozled by the word ‘Finny’, head over to Urban Dictionary. Being an Indian supporter, I need to know, What Finny stands for ? I am hoping that once I know the meaning, It can help me dissect why Indian Cricket Team looks so Finny and blatantly out of place against Steven Fin.

Steven Fin is a good fast bowler, he is a great modern cricketer. England has produced some brilliant fast bowlers in the last decade. This includes the likes of James Anderson, Andrew Flintoff and Steve Harmison. These gentlemen are not only known for their sheer pace, but their ability to swing the cricket ball, their mental ability to deceive the batsmen and to have the last laugh. Steven Fin is no match to these gentlemen and their bowling prowess. Yet Finny, produced the performance to single handedly put Indian batsmen to shame.

He kept bowling the one or two deliveries which were wicket taking deliveries. But so often, he bowled way outside off or too short. Still, Indian batsmen capitalized on these one or two wicket taking deliveries to get out. It’s annoying to see how these batsmen got out & threw their wickets to below par fast bowler.

Even ICC learnt their lesson & modified the Law of Cricket. Finny has a habit of knocking the non-striker stumps while delivering the ball. This ultimately caused a controversy during the 2012 England tour of South Africa after the South African batsmen complained of being distracted, the umpire decided to use a provision within the Laws of Cricket to call it a dead ball whenever Finny broke the stumps. In 2013, Finn changed his run-up to correct the problem(We still see him dislodging the bails on non striker end); and, the ICC introduced a new law to declare a delivery a No Ball, rather than a dead ball, if the non-striker’s wicket is broken in the act of delivery. A regulation honorably known as “Finn’s Law”.

Finny deserves all the applause for putting the brilliant effort to rattle the Indian Batting lineup. I believe the kind of height, stamina and strength he posses, He can very easily fulfill the dream of becoming the leader of England’s fast bowling. But he also need to work on his weaknesses things like improving his runup and attain more control on the cricket ball.

For India, I am not sure what to say.